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Who we are

One Love Radio is a Christian radio station that broadcasts God’s message of love and salvation. We are based in Lusaka, Zambia. Our coverage spans the entire Lusaka, Western, Northern, Luapula & Southern provinces with a potential audience of over 5 million listeners daily. In Lusaka, we broadcast on 104.1 FM , Southern Province in Siavonga and surrounding areas on 91.5 FM, Mongu and surrounding areas on 87.7 FM ,Kasama and surrounding areas on 94.9 FM & Mansa and surrounding areas on 89.1 FM. For listeners who cannot access our frequencies, we can be listened to on Radio Garden via the Internet, or live streaming on our website Our station is an incredible advertising platform with a remarkable audience reach and ever-increasing listenership. Our programming is relevant, inviting and unique, and it equally appeals to non-Christian audiences. OneLove Radio’s content is carefully produced and selected to not only strengthen faith and spiritual life, but to also inform and educate audiences on subjects of social and economic relevance. We are truly excited about being able to fulfil our Christian Ministry values and to share our unique brand of radio broadcasting with our listeners from our various audiences

Our mission

Our mission is the proclamation of God’s great love and salvation to this generation and beyond. Our philosophy is hugely influenced by our motto “Inspiring, Life-changing Radio!”: Inspiring: We hope to inspire a generation to do great things and become who God intended them to be, with messages of hope and encouragement Life-changing: To proclaim the life-changing salvation found in Jesus Christ though God’s word in our programmes.

Our Values

Faith – We place our faith in Christ at the centre of everything we do. Originality – We innovate and bring out the best in what we do. Positivity – We shed light on the positive in a world muddled with what is negative. Stewardship – We use our gifts and resources as faithful stewards. Inspiration – We aim to always inspire our listeners to be great and to follow the Christian way.

Our Vision

Our vision is to grow our listenership and positively impact this generation and beyond for God. We also aim to raise the standard in quality broadcasting and excellence in radio ministry and in so doing rank among the top Christian content providers in Zambia. To do this, we leverage on our core values and how critical they are to our overall strategy, and on our commitment to hard work, discipline and outreach.

We'd love to hear from you - a greeting, a prayer request or if you are interested in how One Love Radio can promote your event or ministry. Our contact details are at the bottom of the page.

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Research has shown that listeners of Christian radio are highly motivated to support their station and are more likely to shop with businesses that advertise or market on that particular station, compared to other secular radio listeners. According to Simmons Market Research, 72% of Christian radio listeners in North America prefer to buy from a business that advertises on their radio station. At One Love Radio Zambia, we believe that a message heard through the lens of Christian radio is perceived by the listener as being more reliable than other forms of advertising.

According to the Nations Encyclopedia, over 85% of the population is Christian. The nation’s capital, Lusaka, is located in Lusaka province with has an estimated 3 million people. By inference, the estimated number of Christians in this region, which is the main broadcast coverage area for One Love Radio, is an estimated 2.6 million. Therefore, by advertising with us, you are potentially reaching about 13 percent of the population.

Christian radio listeners are a loyal audience. They ensure that they spend quality time listening to Christian content for their spiritual growth. Because of this, you are guaranteed having a fixed, and growing audience, at all times. Our listeners see our station a part of their daily Christian walk and take the time to listen. This means that there is always someone listening at every time.

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