Christian-ness of Zambia probed by clergyman

A clergy has recognized that Zambia is going through a critical moment and undergoing a lot of tribulations that are contrary to the nation state of being a Christian nation. Presence of God Ministries senior pastor Christopher Kunda called upon Zambians, the church, and government leaders to stand together and combat the many vices that Read more about Christian-ness of Zambia probed by clergyman[…]

Zambia going green environment friendly

Zambia’s Monze Town Council has embarked on a sensitization program aimed at encouraging the community to use environmental friendly and renewable carrier bags. Council Chairperson Bisha Munsaka officially launched the sensitization program on Thursday at Hamusonde market where he told marketeers that Government had banned the use of plastic bags as they were not only Read more about Zambia going green environment friendly[…]

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