Some members of the public and different stakeholders have remained optimistic that the government will implement fully to what they have promised in 2022.

They told one love radio news in an interview, that despite the rise in COVID 19 as well as the rising cost of commodities in the country, they have remained hopeful that the UPND government will deliver what they promised in their 2022 national budget.

” we expect that government this coming 2022, will stick to what they said, especially on the part of the school fees and the elderly in the community”, they said.

And some stakeholders like the Zambia Empowerment Hub for Entrepreneurship and Skills Training ZEHEST executive director Clarence Muzyamba said there is a need for a clear and sustainable plan for youth empowerment to enable every youth in the country to start business.

Our expectations in this coming 2022 beginning from the government is to see more implementation of the promises they were giving more especially to us young people, on matters to do with youth empowerment especially, remember it was the young people who woke up early in the morning to go and vote”, he said.

Meanwhile the church also supported the need for the government to implement what they promised fully in the economic and social sector.

Independent Churches of Zambia ICOZ president bishop David Masupa said there will be a need for many empowerment activities from the government to the local people.

“we want to start hearing from people especially local people who are village based, that they are getting empowered and participating in economic activities, as you are aware it is also expected that the money given to constituencies will lead to a lot of activities involving construction”, he also said.

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