The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has introduced a national-wide crusade against road traffic corruption dubbed ‘No Bribes but Fines Campaign’.

ACC Director-General Gilbert Phiri said the rampant cases of corruption involving motorists and traffic law enforcement officers witnessed over the years need to be brought to a stop as the impact of this scourge has not only robbed lives of family members but also diverted revenue from government coffers.

Mr. Phiri said it is unacceptable that road traffic corruption has for a long time been tolerated and is almost being accepted by many road users as a normal inconvenience without the perpetrators reflecting on their conscience that this scourge has contributed to the road traffic carnage across the country.

And speaking on the sidelines of a stakeholder engagement meeting held recently to plan on the campaign, ACC Director of Corruption Prevention Glenda Mungalaba said the need for involvement of every stakeholder in the campaign is critical as everyone is affected in some ways by this scourge.

“There is need for everyone to join the ACC in fighting corruption in whatever form it manifests itself and ensure that the correct thing is done at all times, which is to pay fines and not bribes, whenever one finds themselves to have committed a traffic offence,” she said.

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