A Restaurant Owner in Kalingalinga Township in Lusaka Leticia Zulu has lauded the government through the ministry of health for lifting COVID19 restrictions on restaurants.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with one love radio news on Monday, Mrs. Zulu has lamented that it was challenging when restaurants used to operate only on a take away basis, noting that they had to spend more money on buying take away packs for customers and some used to refuse to carry their food on  take away.

She also says the government should continue to look at such small businesses in communities because that’s where a lot of people find money to feed their families.

“Am happy that government has also opened the bars because there is more business when there are more bar patrons to buy nshima from my restaurant”. She said  

Mrs. Zulu has however called on the government to also look at the high cost of mealie meal in the country, stating that as a restaurant she buys at least two bags a day of which is costly for people who operate in restaurants.

“Am calling on government to also look at the high cost of mealiemeal in the country because I buy at least two bags of mealiemeal per day, which is costly for me”. She added

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