Citizen’s Environmental and Social Concern (CESCo) has encouraged sustainable agricultural practices among small farmers to reduce the impact of climate change on the environment.

 CESCo Executive Director, Conwell Hakapya said this is to reduce the impact of climate change and ensure food security in the country.

Mr. Hakapya in an interview with One Love Radio news explained that agriculture has also been one of the major drivers of deforestation which has initiated climate change.

Mr. Hakapya said if Zambia is to diversify from Copper driven to an agricultural driven economy, there is significant need for government and stakeholders to sit down plan and discuss comprehensively and intensively on implementations that need to be enforced in the agricultural sector in Zambia to avoid disaster such as food shortages.

 “If such continues where most farmers exercise unsustainable agricultural practices and cut down trees without planting them back, then we will be headed for disaster,” he said.

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