Citizen’s Environmental and Social Concern (CESCo) says there is need for more sensitization among people involved in illegal charcoal burning.

Speaking to one love radio in an exclusive interview CESCo executive director, Conwell Hakapya said as parliament is looking at revising upward penalties on charcoal burning and transportation of charcoal without permits, they should also understand that many people involved in such especially in rural areas do not have the proper knowledge on how to acquire permits.

 “Government needs to take responsibility in sensitizing people especially in rural areas the process on how they can acquire permits needed for the burning of charcoal,” he said.

Mr. Hakapya further explained that poverty cannot be an excuse to committing crime hence citizens should follow the right procedure in burning charcoal to avoid penalties.

“Government is it trying to deter people from illegal cultivation of trees for charcoal production, through the revised penalties,” he concluded.

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