ChildFund Zambia has continued to create an awareness for the upcoming international day of girl child which will take place on the 11th of October 2021 carrying the theme digital generation our generation.

Speaking on the neighborhood programme on one love radio, ChildFund Child Protection Specialist Chimuka Hamusunse says the day is important as it has an objective to empower and help girls get their rights and it also looks into the plight of the girls.

Mr.Hamusunse says, this day is focusing on the girl child and looking into some challenges they face and see how they can be supported.

He says the organization is not advocating for boys against girls or women against men but for both to work together so as to achieve a society that is just for children.

“The girls are not living in an isolated world; wherever they are the boys are there too, so the boys are not left out”. He said

“As we are commemorating the international day of the girl child we are saying we need the boys to be there to support the girls”. He explained.

And speaking on the same programme ChildFund Chief Development Officer John Chilube, also says that the day of the girl child is important, noting that women are the mothers that have nurtured everyone and it all starts with a girl child.

Mr.Chilube says, this day is a day that commemorates how a girl child should be protected, looked after, and how to deal with the challenges they face so that they can be able to thrive and move forward in their lives.

He further said there is need to push it more to the girl child and identify some weaknesses for the girl child so as to balance different activities between boys and girls and they are at the same level, because most things are swinging more to the boy child.

“The girl is more vulnerable generally than the boy even in terms of upbringing even up to now the emphasis for the girls and for the boys hasn’t been the same”. He said

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