Child Fund donates play equipment worth ZMW 50,000

Child Fund Zambia has today handed over assorted play equipment, toys and other educational materials valued at ZMW 50,000.

Organisation Programs and Sponsorship Director Doras Chirwa says the materials will be distributed to Children’s isolation facilities at the University Teaching Hospital and Levy Mwanawasa hospital.

Ms. Chirwa notes that the toys and reading materials will be used to stimulate children to learn and play which is a key development factor and also to feel less anxious about being admitted in the COVID centers without familiar faces around them.

She states that being able to play whilst in hospital means children can continue an aspect of their normal life which could lead to quick recoveries.

She states that “as Child Fund, we know that while children may not be the face of this pandemic, they could be the biggest victims hence we commend the efforts by the Zambian government to ensure that children are protected and isolation facilities opened for those that are contracting the disease”.

We also urge everyone to continue adhering to the preventive measures as announced by the government by ensuring that if children are not in examination classes, please let them stay at home and not carrying them along when going to crowded place such as shopping malls”. She added.

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