ChildFund International has called on the capitalization of the already-existing resources.

ChildFund International, Africa Regional Director Victor Koyi says in order to ensure social distancing in schools, there’s need to take the discussion beyond measuring the distance from one desk to another and start exploring new ways of learning.

He says outdoor spaces allow for social distancing to happen more naturally.

He notes that besides minimizing the risk of transmission, learning outdoors can also build resilience amongst learners and increase physical activity. It also raises enthusiasm and motivation for learning.

Mr. Koyi says in outdoor learning, learning comes alive; things become real not just conceptual. He adds that such hands-on experience lays the foundation for experiential and practical learning that extends beyond the classroom.

He says in addition to learning outdoors, school timetables can have classes on a rotational basis – while others study in class, others study outdoors with smaller class sizes and alternating attendance patterns.

Mr. Koyi notes that rethinking learning calls for innovation as countries engage with all stakeholders including governments, learners, teachers, parents, communities, schools’ managements, civil society and researchers.

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