Football Analyst Isaac Chipwatanga says Africa has a lot of positives to learn from the just ended 2022 Quatar FIFA World Cup, but that the continents representatives must also put their house in order. 

Chipwatanga said, the 2022 World Cup is a good yardstick to prepare and build an even better performance for the next World Cup in 2026.

He highlighted Morocco’s historic triumph beyond the quarter finals of the World Cup as a sign that Africa can do even more if all ‘logistics’ are in order administratively.

“What we need to learn from an African perspective is to put our house in order,”he said.

The just ended FIFA World Cup saw Morocco as the first and only African side to finish fourth on the World stage, and Argentina wining their third FIFA World Cup tittle after a crunchy final encounter with France, having last won it back in 1986 and 1978.

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