Independent Churches of Zambia ICOZ has continued to preach peace and unity among different political parties ahead of the Kabwata constituency by elections early next year.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with one love radio on Tuesday, ICOZ president bishop David Masupa, said as the church, they are optimistic that political carders will observe the electoral code of conduct and stay away from violence.

He said there is no need for bloodshed for only trying to fill one vacant position.

Mr. Masupa further called on all political parties contesting to refrain from any violent activity that would bring harm to people’s lives.

we expect the UPND political carders to be able to adhere and uphold presidential policy pronouncements on carderism, that they will refrain themselves and abide by the electoral code of conduct, even other political carders from other political parties, we do not want to see a clash” he said.

The Kabwata seat feel vacant after the death of Mr. Levy Mukandawire

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