Pentecostal Assembly of God life changing Christian center church in garden house has supported paramount chief Mpezeni of the Ngoni in maintaining the ban on the display of breast by women during the NC ‘Wala traditional ceremony slated for the 26th of February 2022.

Church Reverend Savior Nkoma said there is need to begin to depict the significance of the traditional ceremony and not the showing of breast.

Rev Nkoma said in an interview that Zambia being a Christian nation there is need to respect women, hence when celebrating during the ceremony, the main focus should be on the significance and lesson the ceremony teaches.

“We will not subject women to such kind of display for the sake of the ceremony, women are our mothers and they need to be respected. We will not drift away from the essence of the ceremony, the essence of the ceremony is not women displaying their breasts,” he said.

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