Some members of the public have expressed concern about the rising cases of people being hacked on online platforms especially on Facebook by unknown people.

Many complaints from Facebook users have mushroomed in the country, with several people being hacked of their social media platform accounts especially Facebook by unknown people.

Some of the victims complained bitterly that they have no control of what is being posted on their Facebook pages and accounts as unknown people have gained unauthorized access.

Someone hacked into my account and deleted all my details and posted things that were disturbing. These individuals are posting things that are unacceptable and putting the lives of those owing the Facebook accounts at risk,” they complained.

The members of the public, therefore, called on the Zambia Information and Communications Technology Authority ZICTA to fully look into the matter.

ZICTA needs to quickly begin moving in we can’t have such a situation. We need help maybe they can put restrictions on people hacking accounts,” they said.

And a famous Zambian gospel artist Chileshe Bwalya who is currently alleged to have her Facebook page hacked by unknown people expressed worry over the matter, further calling on ZICTA to ensure there is cyber security in order to do away with this vice.

“Honestly, they basically tricked me into changing my password and in as much I was just changing it, I was actually giving access to the hackers. There should be more awareness on how you could protect yourself on the internet because I think a lot of people don’t know how to protect themselves,” she said.

Meanwhile, when contacted for a comment ZICTAmanager cooperate communications Hanford Chaaba said that based on behaviors on how people use simple passwords criminals would find it easy to get information and attempt to hack.

Mr. Chaaba further advised users to ensure their accounts are protected by not displaying a lot of personal information on their accounts.

It’s yourself to secure your account, what is it that you do on your account, and what password and security measures are you putting in place. So we always advise consumers to ensure that they use complicated pins and the best pins that we advise are those in local languages.

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