Some members of the public have complained bitterly about the abuse of drugs in communities such as marijuana

Contributing on the kick start breakfast show on one Love Radio, the citizens said many young people have resorted to abusing drugs freely as no proper inspections are being conducted.

They further asked the drug enforcement commission DEC to change their approach to dealing with such cases as the abuse is becoming intense in compounds such as Chibolya and Mutendere in Lusaka among others.

“People are abusing drugs more especially marijuana, it’s everywhere,” they complained.

And in response, the Drug Enforcement Commission DEC told one love radio that the commission’s officers are mostly chased and stoned by the citizens when sent to such areas for investigations and arrests.

DEC public relations officer Mr. Kamanga said the commission has continued to empower people and parents with knowledge of drug abuse to assist in curbing such cases.

Mr. Kamanga called on the members of the public to assist the commission in providing necessary information about people who supply such substances in communities.

“We send some of our officers to go and do these operations in some of these areas you find that it’s the community that will rise and begin to throw stones at the officers,” he said.

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