Clergy urge government to remove multi religious clause from constitution and maintain Christianity.

Members of the clergy have called on government to go ahead and let the declaration of Zambia as a Christian nation to be constitutionalized.

Reverend Gamaliel Mwanza Founder of Eagle ministries has stated that taking away the clause that allows Zambia to be a multi religious state shows reference to God.

“Those who want to embrace multi religion are simply saying they want to worship the evil one. I want to commend the republican president for standing his ground I know some people came and said if you want aid allow homo sexuality in Zambia but he said no, that shows that he fears God and every believer should reference God”. He noted.

He states that the declaration of Zambia being a Christian nation is what has caused God to protect the nation from many calamities as cyclones, Ebola, war, hunger etc. as it is divine and allows God to be in charge.

“We read in acts that those that worshiped other Gods brought war in the nation. When God was angry at the Israelite’s they lost their battles but when they repented he gave them victory same goes for Zambia we do not have calamities in our country because we have declared that God is our supreme ruler”. He stated.

And Bishop Christopher Kabunda Over seer of Family Fellowship global ministries has stated making Zambia a multi religious state will bring many problems on the nation as it is idolatry and circularism that provokes the wrath of God on the nation.

He has added that God is supreme and his thing must not be taken lightly.

“That is why I am strict on this one we are a Christian nation and there is divinity in this we cannot bring in other religions that becomes idolatry and will cause God to turn his hand against the nation in anger. When God is angry at a nation even the soil can become like metal. Let us not temper with this declaration”. He warned.

By: Mumba Tailashi.

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