Climate change will impact health and quality of life if not mitigated.

The aquaculture development association of Zambia ADAZ has called for serious climate change mitigation measures as it will adversely affect the food and nutrition security of the nation.

ADAZ Chairman Fisho Mwale has noted that if the water bodies in the nation dry up poverty will increase as many people depend on the aqua culture sector for their sustenance.

He has added that the quality of life in terms of nutrition and health will be poor as fish largely contribute to protein.

“The country already has a shortage in beef and meat and to cushion the protein deficiency which impacts the life and health of citizens, fish is vital as it provides readily available protein. Already 80 percent of the fish on the market is coming from capital fisheries. We seriously need to find solutions to climate change and in the same vein ADAZ will be having a big work shop on climate change and how it impacts aqua culture”.

Mr. Mwale was speaking in an interview with One Love Radio.

By: Mumba Tailashi

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