Could the re-entry policy be promoting teenage pregnancies?

The ministry of general education has refuted claims by some members of the public that the re-entry policy is encouraging pupils to fall pregnant as they can easily be admitted in school.

Ministry spokesperson Nondo Chilonga has a told One Love Radio that the policy that was introduced in October 1997 is a measure and recognition of the importance of addressing inequalities in national development and the need to narrow the gender gap in education.

Ms. Chilonga has informed that the Policy allows pupils who fall pregnant to return back to school after delivery from six months to about two years. 

She has clarified that the Re- entry policy which is in line with the observance of universal education does not promote teenage pregnancies but instead allows girls and young mothers with missed opportunities of finishing school to completing their studies.

She adds that policy also empathizes on enhanced guidance and counselling services in learning institutions which ensures effective counselling of all learners in Schools, contributing to the prevention of teenage pregnancies. 

Some members of the public had expressed concern that the re-entry policy is promoting teenage pregnancies as pupils can be easily admitted back into school after falling pregnant and requested the ministry to explain the policy.

— By: Mumba Tailashi

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