CSO sun calls for more efforts to combat hunger

The civil society for scaling up nutrition – CSO Sun has called for more to be done to combat hunger in Zambia.

CSO SunCountry Coordinator Mathew Mahuru says relief food from government is not enough to end hunger in the country.

“Government did send some relief food in affected places but for areas like Gwembe it’s a drop in the ocean because in some instances two families had to share a 12 kilogram bag of relief maize and families are large in that area”. He noted

Mr Mahuru told One Love Radio in an interview that families in Gwembe District, Southern Province, are in phase 4 of the poverty line and are surving on wild fruits; some even poisonous.

He also narrated how a pregnant woman died from consuming poisonous cassava.

“The cassava in Southern province has to be boiled for some hours before it can be edible and the poison can be neutralized but due to hunger this couple could not wait long so they consumed the food and unfortunately the pregnant woman died while the husband was hospitalized, so you see what poverty and hunger can do”. Mr. Mahuru stated.

Some parts of the county, especially those in Southern and Western provinces, are experiencing hunger, following crop failure in the previous farming season due to drought.

By: Mumba Tailashi

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