Civil Society Organizations CSO’s in Mansa Luapula province have petitioned different developmental complaints to government including the FTJ Chiluba University.

Speaking during a protest on Friday, the CSOs pledged that they will not rest until the university and other issues affecting the province are dealt with.

They said the university will provide jobs and reduce the cost of travelling to other provinces for tertiary education.

The CSOs have further given government 24 months to resume and finish the university.

“Luapula is part of Zambia and we cannot afford to admire good things in Lusaka as if we do not pay tax and contribute to the treasury,” they said.

Meanwhile, Luapula Province Minister, Derricky Chilundika, assured CSO’s and the people of Luapula province that their petition will be delivered to the head of state.

He appealed to the people to continue having confidence in the government as it has aimed to develop Luapula province going forward.

“I want to assure you the vision that we have and the speed at which we are working, we are going beyond checking projects beyond the FTJ,” he said.

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