CSO’S urge police to punish politicians promoting tribalism

The Civil society, has urged the Zambia Police Service to apply the law firmly on any political leader promoting hate speech based on tribal and ethnic diversity

Zitukule Consortium Executive Director Nicolas Phiri says CSOS are concerned with the growing tendency by political parties of mobilizing support from citizens on the basis of tribe and ethnicity.

Mr. Phiri notes that mobilizing politics on tribal and ethnic grounds does not only go against Zambia’s social, cultural and ethnic heritage but is also against constitutional values and principles that seek to promote and uphold national unity in diversity.

“We are particularly dismayed and disturbed by the latest tribal sentiments uttered by officials from the ruling Patriotic Front on radio Lutanda in Northern Province. It is even more disturbing that these officials have not been censured or disciplined by the PF party hierarchy as a way of curbing the spread of hate speech and tribal sentiments”. He expressed.

He has implored citizens not to buy into tribal politics as that does not and will never improve the well-being of millions living in poverty.

“Citizens must not feel compelled to affiliate or support any political formation on the basis of tribe or ethnicity. Every citizen has a right to support a political party of their personal choice and liking”. Mr. Phiri advised.

By: Mumba Tailashi

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