Patriots for Economic Progress (PeP) has blamed the current road fatalities on the reduced presence of Zambia Police Service traffic officers further stating that  the Road Transport Safety Agency RTSA officers are also inadequate to properly police roads countrywide. 

We therefore call upon Government to reverse the prohibition of road blocks so that law and order can be restored on our roads, and the rate of traffic fatalities can be arrested,” he said.

When contacted for a comment Zambia police service says police haven’t done much survey to find the correct situations.

Zambia Police National road traffic safety coordinator Yorum Phiri said accidents usually happen even if there is police presence hence the matter cannot be concluded without a survey.

He appealed to motorists to behave on the road even without the presence of the police.

Mr. Phiri also clarified that government did not completely ban police road blocks but rather emphasized that they continue with road patrols.

You are supposed to do correct things even when police are not watching, that’s what we require on the road,” he said.

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