Young Women in Action through a consultative meeting with young people in Chirundu District southern province has condemned and expressed sadness over the discrimination faced by the young people in the district, when seeking access to sexual reproductive health services.

Young Women in Action Executive director Besa Mwansa in a statement passionately condemned the unprofessional and discriminatory acts perpetrated by certain health practitioners.

“As a youth focused organization committed to promoting the well-being and rights of girls and women, we passionately condemn the unprofessional and discriminatory acts perpetrated by certain health practitioners,” he said.

Ms Mwansa said every individual, regardless of age, physical disability, social economic status or other characteristics, has the fundamental right to access comprehensive sexual and reproductive health services without fear of judgement, prejudice, or discrimination as it is not only a matter of human rights but also of public health importance.

 She said it is crucial to remember that young people have unique needs and concerns related to their sexual reproductive health, and providing them with accurate information and services is a responsibility that health professionals must uphold without interference of their personal opinions.

 “On behalf of young people we urge the relevant authorities through the ministry of health to establish youth friendly safe spaces in all health centers and clinics and strengthen the already existing youth friendly corners,” she further said.

YWA Executive Director therefore recommend mandatory training and sensitization programs for all health providers, with a particular focus on understanding the needs and rights of young people seeking sexual reproductive health services.

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