Some members of the public have blamed the rising number of children on the streets as a result of negligence by their guardians in homes.

“I think issues of street kids begin with men refusing to take responsibility for pregnancies outside wedlock, hence when children are born they have no one to fully take responsibility for them,” one of the citizens said.

The members of the public said divorce and gender-based violence in homes have been a major contributor to a high number of street kids, especially in Lusaka.

“So if parents are a problem in a home, children go astray and end up in the streets,” another resident complained.

They appealed to government, to look into the matter seriously and ensure the kids are removed from the streets and are provided with better living.

Meanwhile, Fidelis Mboma from the department of child development under the Ministry of Community development told One Love Radio that the government has not ignored the situation of street kids and that they are working on the matter.

Mr. Mboma said the Ministry has a program that involves street kids being taken through a screening and rehabilitation process to help them out of the streets.

“We have a program called rehabilitation and reintegration of street children…so government is working very hard to ensure that no children are found on the streets,” he said.

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