Pharmaceutical expert Jerome Kanyika has expressed dismay over the former Health Minister‘s stance Dr. Chitalu Chilufya that during his tenure in office he never procured expired drugs and licking condoms.

Mr. Kanyika is of the view that the minister is either under mental stress or is trying to shift the blame away from himself.

“For a person like him to come and start refuting things or denying things that really happened, that shows it self that, that person had some mental problems that need to be checked, maybe his passing through hard times because he lost as PF”, he said.

Mr.Kanyika said he finds Mr.Chilufya’statement to be highly irresponsible coming from someone who worked as a public figure, when there is evidence which is contrary to his stance citing the Zambia Medicines regulatory Authority  ZAMRA ‘s recall of drugs that were issued between September  and October 2020.

“He needs to be counseled and told to keep quiet, than him trying to put more pain on the Zambian people, because we have all the evidence, if he has alternative evidence let him go to court” he also said.

Mr. Kanyika further called upon the former minister to refrain from issuing statements that will further anger the general public.

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