The Ministry of Health has lauded President Halkainde Hichilema’s leadership and efforts in fighting and reducing the impacts of  COVID19 in Zambia.

Speaking at statehouse in Lusaka, during the power of partnership and patriotism in attaining the 70 percent fully vaccinated against COVID19 celebrations, Health Minister Sylvia Masebo said due to multisectoral engagements under the UPND government  and recruitment of the over 11 thousand health workers among others made  strides in attaining the over 70 percent COVID19 vaccination agenda.

Reflecting on the times the COVID19 pandemic dreadfully affected the country mentally and economically, Ms. Masebo thanked the donors, marketers and various members of political parties in making strides concerning the public health challenges such as the COVID19 that threatened the economy and the future.

Meanwhile, speaking at the same event president Hakainde Hichilema said the COVID19 had brought many lessons, took away many lives and the worst economic crisis hence reaching the target of over 70 percent vaccination is delightful.

He said has thanked the cooperating partners in the fight against COVID-19 and has articulated the importance of working together to achieve safety and add value to the nation’s economy.

“Donor agencies come to the table, UN systems came to the table countries such as the US, Japan, China among others came to the table and we all gravitated towards one direction, can you imagine what else we can do with such a mindset, great things,” he said.

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