Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia EFZ is disappointed that the government has been silent on updating the churches over the issue of 1hour service twice a week.

Speaking in an interview with one love radio, EFZ Acting Executive Director Bishop Andrew Mwenda said it is not fair that the ministry of health has not yet said anything about the operations of churches yet other businesses have begun operating fully.

“It seems that the business silently opened up and some bars were opened to the full, gyms and other businesses too, and people started reporting for work in full, particularly government workers, but the church has been left in limbo, the government has been silent”. He said.

Bishop Mwenda says many churches in the country have continued with full services because they do not manage to do a 1hour service, and because they have been left in a limbo by the government.

“Yesterday at the press conference I expected that when the president mentioned about the COVID19, he was going to mention something about the restrictions, we are still waiting on the government to come out and let us know what exactly to do as churches”. He said.

The Executive Director further laments that churches that have started full services without government’s directive should not be blamed because the president should have made it a priority.

Meanwhile, Bishop Mwenda has also echoed the issue where children are not allowed to go to church whilst schools have opened.

He says these are issues that he expected President Hichilema to talk about in yesterday’s speech during a press conference at statehouse

“The children should come back to church because why?, the schools have opened, so then why not have the children at church, schools have been opened and children have more hours there at school than they have at church”. He added  

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