The Energy Regulation Board (ERB) has instituted investigations into the incident that occurred on 3rd March 2023 involving a fuel road tank vehicle that was parked at an undesignated location where fuel was also being decanted into containers, ostensibly for purposes of illegal fuel vending.

This follows video footage captured by an alert member of the public, which was circulated on social media on 3rd March, 2023.

ERB Public Relations Manager Namukolo Kasumpa said While investigations are still ongoing, it has been established that the fuel tanker registration number BCC 7358ZM/ ACT 5534T belongs to Juba Transport Limited, a Licensee of the ERB with a valid license to transport petroleum products.

Mrs. Namukolo said the tanker in question is among the fleet of road tank vehicles authorized by the ERB to transport fuel under Juba Transport Limited’s License.

She further reiterated that In order to ensure adherence to the set standards and assure public safety, the Board shall take enforcement action against Juba Transport Limited should it be found to be in breach of the ERB’s earlier directive and of the applicable license conditions.

“It should be noted that Juba Transport is cooperating with the ongoing investigations, which also include other investigative wings as the matter stretches across the different Mandates of various Government agencies,” she further said.

ERB also warned that that Non-adherence to license conditions specifically with respect to parking in undesignated areas and the use of unauthorized routes for fuel tankers attracts sanctions, including fines ranging from 100,000 to 200,000 penalty units, while repeated breaches may attract suspension or revocation of a license.

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