Government says it intends to use a whole society and ensure that no one remains behind in transforming the country to a climate resilient and green economy.

Officiating at the launch of the Catholic Relief Services (CRS) of the first Electric Vehicle, Minister of Green Economy Collins Nzovu said government is fully in support of the use of electric vehicles in transitioning the economy to greener and climate resilient.

He said the electric vehicle fits into government’s aspirations of Lowering greenhouse gassing and the use of fossil fuels which has resulted to high prices of commodities due to the increased price of fuel.

Mr. Nzovu said the increased use of electric vehicles in the country will contribute and lead to creation of more jobs, poverty reduction and a reduction in imports which he says is progressive.

“Increased purchase and use of electronic vehicles in Zambia will lead to reduction of our import bill and contribute to the stabilization of our exchange rates,” he said.

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