Floods in Meanwood’s kwamwena area in Chongwe district have brought concern from many residents.

Area chairman Mr. Chauluka confirmed this with one love radio news.

Mr. Chauluka said during the rainy season floods have been a challenge for some years now in the area, due to poor drainage systems, and as a result, roads have been flooded and water is getting into people’s houses.

“Two days ago am told the Chongwe major and councilor come and toured the area and they saw it for themselves and almost all the roads of Kwamwena are flooded and the water is actually getting into peoples homes”, he said.

Recently the Zambia metrological department issued a warning of flash floods between the 12th and 14th of January 2022 in the Southern and Central parts of the country which include Chongwe, Siavonga and Lusaka among others.

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