Gears criticizes agents of tribalism and violence

GEARS Initiative Zambia has been waiting for a sincere apology from those mentioned as agents of tribalism, hate speech, violence and sectionalism in the Commission of Inquiry Report on Voting Pattern and Electoral Violence in Zambia

The initiative expects President Edgar Lungu to root out tribalism and electoral violence in Zambia and the current knowledge of who was and is behind the tribalism, sectionalism and influencer of voting patterns facing Zambia today.

McDonald Chipenzi Gears Executive Director

GEARS Executive Director McDonald Chipenzi has added that the president should act against those names mentioned as perpetrators of these vices who are serving in government as ministers, Permanent Secretaries, District Commissioners and ambassadors.

Mr Chipenzi has added that if President Lungu is reluctant to act, it GEARS’s view that the Zambia Police Service, mandated to detect crime, maintain and enforce the law  must invoke the relevant sections of the penal code and other laws on people mentioned in the report that investigated the Voting Patterns and Electoral Violence in Zambia.

He says that the report should not just be treated or regarded as a mere report or reference or study book or material after colossal payer’s money were incurred but should help nip out of the bud individuals and institutions that have been promoting tribalism, hate speech, sectionalism and violence in the country as mentioned in the report.

We are anxiously waiting to see the police swing into action against those individuals revealed and mentioned in the report as agents of tribalism, hate speech, violence, sectionalism among other vices. He said.

The GEARS executive director has reiterated that the tribalism, violence, hate speech and sectionalism attributed and promoted by mainly ruling party elites and those associated with it and government as revealed in the report should not be swept under the carpet.

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