GEARS Initiative Zambia concerned with the impunity being exhibited by government ministers’

GEARS Initiative Zambia continues to be concerned with the impunity being exhibited by government ministers’ during by-elections and non -reprimand/censure from Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ).

GEARS Executive Director McDonald Chipenzi condemns the commissioning of developmental projects during by-elections by government officials as it is happening currently in Milenge District By-election and further condemn ECZ failure to invoke the provisions of Regulation 3(1)(d).

“On Saturday, 23 November, 2019, Mr. Chitalu Chilufya, in his capacity as Minister of Health and PF Campaign Manager for Milenge District by-election and his Counterpart, General Education Minister, David Mabumba embarked on an indiscriminate ground breaking activities for four (4) health facilities and a school hostel at Milenge Secondary School, an act designed to corruptly procure votes from the voters in Milenge for their party in contravention of the electoral Act and Code”. Mr. Chipenzi stated.

Mr. Chipenzi states that if laws were respected and effective in Zambia against ruling elites and all citizens, Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) and Zambia Police Service would have already, either summoned or arrested Ministers Chitalu Chilufya, David Mabumba, Nickson Chilangwa for electoral bribery and corruption and contravening the electoral laws and code of conduct.

“This trend of commissioning projects during by-elections has been an going electoral cancer untreated as could be witnessed in Sesheke, Katuba, Chilanga, Kafue, Kaoma, Mangango, Roan, Bahati among other areas where by-elections have been held and Minister Chilufya has not been absent in all this”. He noted.

Meanwhile Mr Chipenzi has called on the Police Command and the ECZ to protect all stakeholders in the performance of their work and in furtherance of integrity in the electoral Process from acts of threats, abuse, harassment and intimidation from the powerful in the process against journalists, electoral officers, monitors, voters and police officers.

By: Mumba Tailashi

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