A member of the public has complained over money paid to the police for offenses commonly known as “Shishita”.

Contributing on the Neighborhood program on One Love Radio, the citizen allegedly complained that police officers do not issue receipts once one is released for a “Shishita” offence.

The resident also appealed to the police to begin late-night patrols to ensure more security in communities before people take the law in their own hands.

And in response, Zambia Police assistant Public Relations officer Godfrey Chilabi urged members of the public to ensure they collect receipts after paying for admission of guilt immediately released.

He said this will guarantee that the money has gone into the coffers of the government and not the police officers’ pockets.

“Make sure after or before being released you get a receipt, this receipt will ensure that indeed the money has gone into government’s coffers and not somebody’s pocket,” he said.

Mr. Chilabi further cautioned the members of the public not to take the law in their own hands as one can be arrested.

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