Vegetables showcased at the expo.

The golden valley agriculture Expo under the theme “bringing new and State of the art solutions to the farming community of Zambia”, has commenced in Chisamba district central province.

The Expo is running from Friday the 7th to Saturday the 9th of April 2022 and President Hakainde Hichilema is expected to officially open the expo.

Minister of agriculture Reuben Mtolo Phiri said this expo is an opportunity that will showcase what Zambia is capable of producing in terms of the advancements in agriculture and many more.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with One Love Radio news at the expo the minister said Zambia has a huge number of small scale farmers and the productivity is low, hence the expo will improve productivity and encourage farmers to start catching up with the advancements, while large commercial famers will learn what to implement and what equipment’s to use.

“The expo is a market for the farming community and people providing the technology for the farming community to meet.  When you come to a place like this (expo) you will start seeing the absolute potential Zambia has, and you will also get the benefit of advanced technology,” he said.

Ministers visiting exhibition stands at the expo.

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