Zambia has today joined the rest of the world in commemorating world AIDS day under the theme equalize closing the gaps.

Speaking during the commemoration, government has aimed to eradicate AIDs by the year 2030 through seting concrete action to address inequalities and drivers against HIV prevention.

Minister of Health Sylvia Masebo said as people unite to show support to those living with AIDS there is need to tackle the inequalities which perpetrate aids and hold back progress in ending AIDS through various partnerships.

Ms. Masebo said Zambia has been striving to reach people with life serving HIV treatments and ensure that people are aware of their status.

She said Zambia records approximately 28 thousand new infections a year which she says is a drop from the previous 38 thousand new infections.

She said 28 thousand is still a matter of concern especially that the infections are being reported in women compared to men.

“It is saddening that still we have new infections increasingly reported in women as compared to men,” she said.

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