Ndola based rap artist and social activist Fumba Chama professionally known as Pilato, says the hologram idea was ineffective and not helpful for musicians as piracy still continued among people.

He told one love radio news that People no longer use it hence it will be useless now.

“Even when they released albums music could still be pirated and sold in the streets of Lusaka, so the hologram was not helpful,” he said.

Mr. Chama also advised artists to put their interests in music first and on what they are working on.

 “Put your interest first as an artist and ask yourself how you are benefiting from these transactions or developments happening around,” he concluded.

And Former president of the Zambia Association of Musicians Mr. Njoya Tembo called on government to go digital in terms of helping artist against piracy.

He said the previous hologram method that was used to do away with piracy during the previous regime did not achieve its purpose as the crime continued to take place. 

Mr. Tembo noted the need for new digital methods and serious enforcement.

He also called on government to take more keen interest in empowering musicians for the growth of the industry in the county.

“We encourage the new dawn government to continue with some of the programs that were started by the previous government especially things that have to do with empowering the artist, because the industry just lucks big money for it to grow,” he said.

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