Small Scale Farmers Development Agency SAFADA has appealed to government through the ministry of agriculture to re-think on how best to help farmers and avoid unneccessary delayments in supporting farmers.

SAFADA chief executive officer Boyd Moobwe said government should focus on technology and innovations adaptation and  engage  farmers into serious diversification .

He complained that small scale farmers in Zambia are still lagging behind due to poor financial and technical support systems not available in the farming community.

Mr. Moobwe further expressed that it is unfortunate that the agriculture sector is facing challenges affecting the whole process of the agriculture transformation and rural development and the transition process of small scale farmers from the traditional way of farming to modern farming practices.

“The ministry of agriculture and the entire government should get involved in the procurement and distribution of farm inputs in order to induce sanity in farmer support systems and programs. It should also call for stakeholders meeting to discuss and resolve the matters,” he said.

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