Government has abandoned mining communities -C SOs.

The extractive Industries Transparency Alliance has charged that government has abandoned communities hosting mining activities.

Organisation National Coordinator Mwiya Mwandawande has stated that this is because government has not made a clear plan of implementing development in mining areas that will benefit people in the areas.

“We urge government to sit with mining companies, and members of the community to ensure development agendas through social corporate responsibility implemented are beneficial to members of the community”. He urged.

He said this at the joint press briefing for CSOS for the strengthening accountability programme to empower people to hold duty bearers accountable.

Speaking at the same event Jesuit center for theological reflection JCTR Programme Manager Innocent Ndashe has called on government to reinstate the mineral revenue sharing mechanism.

“Government must amend the local government equalization fund that will enable local authorities in mining areas allocate funds to help foster development in the areas to benefit local people. This will ensure that in the absence of a mineral revenue sharing mechanism government will be able to allocate resources for development projects in mining communities”.

And MISA Zambia has urged the media to go beyond a story to assist the less privilege to make informed decisions by providing relevant information.

MISA Zambia National Director Austin Kayanda says MISA stands ready to facilitate the media role in holding duty bearers accountable.

By: Mumba Tailashi

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