Government has stressed the importance of education as it shapes the career path of children.

Speaking during the handover ceremony of education facilities and ablution blocks at five local community schools in Kafue district on Friday constructed by childfund Zambia, Minister of Education Douglas Siakalima says education is the best equalizer.

The schools include Mungu primary school, Siachinyama community school, Rail-side community school kalundu view and solobni school

Mr. Siakalima said human social development is fundamental to inclusive development and is a vital element in the transformation of the country.

He said that given high poverty levels, inequalities and vulnerabilities existing in our communities, provision of quality education and equal opportunities to every citizen will develop their full potential.

Human Capacity and skills development is key but can only be attained if government and cooperating partners work together and invest in education and skills development”, he said.

And ChildFund Zambia Programs and Sponsorship Director Doras Chirwa said the organization believes that quality education will stimulate the country’s growth, improve health and reduce child marriages among others.

Ms. Chirwa said the implementation of the free education policy by the new dawn government has accorded children across the country an opportunity to fulfill their potential and develop their abilities, which has increased the need for amplified infrastructure development to reduce overcrowding in classrooms.

She said that infrastructure development is an enormous task that cannot be undertaken by the government alone, but requires concerted efforts from all stakeholders.

In the area of education, we are focusing on increasing safe learning opportunities for over 300,000 young people especially those living in marginalized and hard to reach areas”, she said.

These facilities which include nine classroom blocks, water reticulation systems and modern ablution blocks have been constructed at a cost of over five million kwacha

Meanwhile Kafue Child Development Agency Local Partner Manager Mwamba Mutale said, the five schools in which these projects have been implemented will benefit from the creation and support an enabling environment of both learning and teaching that will assist in sustainable empowerment of a community.

Mr. Mutale added that the social impact of these projects is sustainable with 500 more learners having access to learning opportunities in a conducive environment.

And Kafue District Education Board (DEBS) Secretary Belina Moono thanked the ChildFund for their kind gesture, stating that it will reduce the teacher pupil ratio and overcrowding in classrooms.

The increase in learner enrollment has been attributed to good government policy of free education which has attracted more learners to get back into school”, she said.

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