Government urged to declare hunger situation national disaster.

A Lusaka resident has called on government to declare the hunger situation in the country a national disaster and stop pretending like they have it under control.

Mr. Phiri has noted that the declaration will enable other people come on board to assist affected citizens.

He has informed One Love Radio that the hunger situation is in all parts of the country hence the need for government to stop politicizing it.

“It is sad that government has chosen to politicize the hunger situation when it is a serious matter. Let them not pretend that hunger is only in Southern province, it is in all parts of the country. My mother is in Eastern province and I have been receiving reports of severe hunger in Lundazi district where families are surviving on wild fruits”. He said

He has bemoaned the minister of agriculture’s failure to state the intervention method government has put in place to reduce the mealie meal prices.

“I am very disappointed with the minister of Agriculture from the time mealie meal prices went up he has not said anything. He has not told the nation the intervention measures they have put as government to help the needy who cannot afford mealie meal”. The resident expressed.

By: Mumba Tailashi

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