Golden Progressive Party GOP president Jackson Silavwe

Golden Party of Zambia GPZ has appealed to the New Dawn Government to ban and restrict bonanza gambling machines in communities countrywide.

GPZ President Jackson Silavwe said these machines have now become a terrible nuisance in compounds and communities.

Mr. Silavwe noted that Gambling machines perpetuate crime, citing an incident that happened In Kabwe’s Nakoli compound, where a security guard was mercilessly strangled to death barely a week ago by thieves who broke into a shop to steal coins from the machines.

“Gambling Compromises security whenever they are placed. Many Gambling vendors have no proper documentation thereby acting as catalysts for all sorts of illegalities in the communities,” he said.

He stated that gambling is eroding the Christian principles and National values as enshrined in our Republican Constitution by destroying the spirit of hard work in the next generation of leaders and citizens.

This type of foreign investment is immoral. The bulk of bonanza gambling machines are owned and rented out by Chinese nationals. This immoral FDI has to be stopped immediately to save our communities,” he said.

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