Golden Party Zambia has condemned the move by the government to increase fuel prices, stating that the cost of living will escalate.

Party President Jackson Silavwe told one love radio news in an interview that politicians need to understand that when they do certain things they affect poor people, stating that increasing fuel prices to that margin will also see an increase in the prices of all commodities as well as transport fair.

He said, he believes that government did not sit down to analyze this issue because if it did, it would have an option as government is not a business that deals in profit and loss

Mr. Silavwe notes that what the Zambian people need right now is a relief and not being crippled economically further urging the general public to brace themselves for tough times ahead.

“The goal of government is to protect its people, on this one am saying that the UPND government has misplaced priorities, the cost of doing business has just gone up, by next month January you just see escalated prices, even just within this week, before it ends you see escalated prices of basic essentials”, he said.

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