High temperatures have been recorded in May with most days recording warmer than normal temperatures for both day and night. Observations from Meteorological Stations across the country indicate that the month of May has been warmer than normal with temperatures exceeding two (2) degrees  Celsius above average.

Temperature forecast for June and July indicate that Zambia will continue experiencing high temperatures above normal for both day and night. However, episodes of cooler night temperatures may be experienced for a few days over Gwembe, Ndola, Mansa, Mwinilunga, Kasempa, Kabompo, Livingstone and Mbala Districts and surrounding areas.

The high temperatures are attributed to the El Nino conditions being observed over the equatorial Pacific Ocean and the warmer Indian Ocean sea surface temperatures. Moreover, there has been an increase in the heat trapping Greenhouse Gases in the atmosphere globally.

These conditions are fuelling the high temperatures being observed. The expected high temperatures may drive increase in energy demands for cooling and irrigation. In addition, the increased water losses due to evaporation resulting from the high temperatures may affect water levels in dams and other water bodies. Further, the high temperatures may provide favourable conditions for agriculture pests as well as human and animal diseases to thrive.

The Ministry of Green Economy and Environment through the Meteorological Department, in collaboration with other stakeholders such as the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) will continue providing updates and advisories,”

This was contained in a statement issued by Minister of Green Economy and Environment Eng. Collins Nzovu, MP.

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