I will lobby for better health services- Chikonkolo

Aspiring Member of Parliament for Malole constituency Chilufya Mulenga Chikonkolo has pledged to lobby for better health services and find partners that will upgrade the health system in Malole constituency.

Ms. Chikonkolo has alleged that the health systems in the country are failing people as most hospitals in rural areas are in a dilapidated state, dirty and lack most essential drugs.

Ms. Chikonkolo has bemoaned that women in rural areas are still dying during child birth.

“We recently had a funeral in Malole, a colleague lost their sister who died while giving birth and she was carrying twins. This is really grieving for me as no woman is supposed to die while giving life”. She bemoaned.

“Let us bring these health facilities closer to the people; some clinics have not been upgraded since 1964 they are not conducive and do not have enough doctors and health personnel that are cardinal in quality health delivery”. Ms. Chikonkolo lamented.

She has added that the poor health facilities are discouraging patients even those critically ill from seeking medical health services.

“We are being discouraged; even critically ill patients are being kept home instead of going to the hospital as they most times don’t find the medicines they need” She stated.

By: Mumba Tailashi

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