The independent churches of Zambia ICOZ have condemned the Lusaka July event that took place on Saturday.

Speaking to One Love Radio News ICOZ President Bishop David Masupa alleges that the event displayed LGBQI rights, which if not condemned people will start thinking is the way of life.

He said Zambia believes in hetro sexuality orientation therefore there is no way that the nation will divert.

He called on upon the church to stand up and speak against immorality issues.

And in a similar development Battle cry for Zambia has called for the ban of the Lusaka July event, stating that it has the potential to bring moral decay on the Zambian society.

Meanwhile, the co-founders of the PR girl media refuted claims following the event further stating that the event is meant to create an opportunity to market Zambia’s social tourism.

“Our partnership with Zambia tourism agency was to specifically market this event as a touristy attraction on Zambia’s social calendar and not promote gay ri8ghts or represent the LGBTQ community,” they stated.

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