Jesuit Center for Theological Reflection JCTR has held its 2022 National summit themed “building conducive conditions for inclusive development”, anchored on highlighting the social conditions of the poor and marginalized sections of society amidst the rising cost of living.

The summit that was attended by various private stakeholders and ministries including Lusaka’s Matero member of Parliament Miles Sampa, has stressed the trends in the economy affecting the community.

Officiating at the event JCTR vice-chairperson Musiwa Namucana said surveys have indicated a rise in the cost of living over the years caused by enormous challenges affecting the economy.

She reiterated the importance of the forum in providing information on the government’s need to respond to various challenges and interventions to address the cost of living especially to the most vulnerable in society.

Meanwhile speaking at the same event JCTR  Faith and Justice program representative Fr. Grant emphasized the need to be aware of community challenges, plan making and engagements with government to curb the challenges.

Fr. Grant said such challenges especially in rural areas can be looked at using the rural basic needs and nutrition basket BNNB as a tool which tracts prices of commodities over time, the cost of health, the wages received by people as well as analyzing  how the economy is performing over time.

JCTR further recommended that government creates an enabling environment for small scale entrepreneurs and local farmers if ordinary Zambians are to afford basic needs.

“To curb income inequalities between civil servants and other workers, the government should create an enabling environment for small scale entrepreneurs to thrive in their business and afford their basic needs. Improving the local food security system and markets by supporting local farmers to make food items more accessible and affordable to the ordinary citizens,” it said.

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