Joining Forces alliance condemn Sexual Gender Based Violence against Children in Zambia.

The Joining Forces alliance has condemned the high levels of Sexual Gender Based Violence against Children in Zambia.

The alliance says the over 7 child defilement cases reported daily show the failure to meet the minimum standards of protecting children from this unspeakable form of gender based violence hence calling for immediate action from those with the responsibility of protecting children in Zambia:

These statistics show us that in spite of efforts being made by various actors to curb this form of violence, the crime has continued’’ The Alliance stated.

They have urged all institutions, households and individuals to uphold the highest standards of behaviors towards children both in their private and professional lives.

The Alliance has called on parents to ensure the environment in and around the home is safe for their children adding that Community members and local leaders should continue raising awareness at household and community level about the importance of protecting children from abuse

“The most recent Violence against Children report indicates that 58% of violence against children happens at home or nearby’’ The Alliance noted.

 They have appealed to the Ministry of General Education to include Child protection and child safeguarding measures in the curriculum to continuously raise awareness on child exploitation and abuse.

“The Ministry of General Education should  have written referral pathways in all schools and ensure there is adequate training for guidance and counseling teachers on SGBV’’ It added.

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