Democratic Party DP vice president and running mate in the just passed polls Judith Kabemba, has reiterated that it is unfortunate, that Mr. Harry Kalaba has continued to lie to the nation that he is the party president.

This follows Harry Kalaba’s statement yersterday, were he confidently revealed that he is still party president till the court adjudicates.

Ms. Kabemba told one Love radio news that it is important that Zambia notes that every organization operates under the parameter of the party constitution, of which the DP has no position of the party president.

She further explained that the highest office is that of the chairperson, of which Mr. Kalaba has never been party chairperson before.

“When was he elected as DP president and where was he elected as DP president, the guy is a disappointment to the nation, let the guy go form his own political party”, she said.

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