Kids Alive Zambia KAZ has donated assorted items at the women’s correctional facility in Kabwata Lusaka district, as part of the Spring of Life program themed “serving the forgotten child”.

The item’s donated include food accessories, and baby hamper sets among other things to support mothers and their children in the correctional facility.

KAZ has continued to undertake various programs aimed at ensuring that the spiritual needs, physical needs and the rights of children are provided and Spring of Life program is one among the various agendas targeted to build the capacity of Correctional Prisoner mothers and foster parents in parenting as well as advocating for a conducive environment for circumstantial children to access basic needs of life and services in a sustainable way.

Presenting at the Spring of Life program quarterly review meeting on Thursday morning before departure to the correctional service, programs quality and partnership Manager Kapembwa Sinyangwe said a study done at Mongu, Kansenshi and Kabwe correctional services among others have shown increased psychological and mental stress among children due to lack of drug and health care, poor nutrition, hygiene and sanitation, as well as overcrowding in correctional facilities.

“On what’s coming up, the program aims at distributing nutritional, health and hygienic materials, hold policy and legal change meetings with relevant stakeholders and provide family tracing and reintegration services,” he said.

And Speaking at the same event KAZ programs Manager Derrick Mbuzi appealed to government to adopt child programing in budgeting in order to meet the basic needs of such children in difficult circumstance.

“This should include (CC) on the list of children in especially difficult circumstances. Budget\National plan action support CCs to meet their physical, nutritional and financial needs monthly as beneficiary groups,” he said.

Meanwhile, Zambia correctional facility Extension Services Directorate Singendaba Mumbuwa revealed that currently there was a total number of 57 circumstantial children in all facilities across the country.

Stakeholder’s group photo after the review meeting.
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