A resident of Mansa district Luapula province Pascal Mwape has complained that the constituency development fund has taken a long time to emerge.

Mr. Mwape said people are in need of support through the CDF but that the delay is causing more challenges, especially to the less privileged.

He said nothing has worked in the past with regards to the CDF, further appealing to the local authorities in Mansa district to expedite the disbursement of the funds.

Meanwhile, Democratic Party said government needs to improve on its systems and methods of the Constituency Development Fund CDF is fully actualized.

Speaking to One Love Radio, party spokesperson kwibisa Mwanawina said the CDF increment was a good move, but if a proper system is not used it will still remain a challenge to actualize it to the intended beneficiaries.

He said actions should proceed if Zambia is to be delivered out of poverty.

“As DP we feel the Zambian people are deprived,” he said.

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